Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baltimore Re-Cap (Originally Posted 4/14)

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Well, we survived our first weekend series of the year against our "bitter" division rivals the Baltimore Orioles

We almost didn't see a game on Friday, after a long day of steady rain throughout the metro NY area. But the bad weather shifted out of the area in time for some baseball, and it was a good thing too, since the previous two games in Cleveland were rained out.  

To say it was a quiet night on the Ave and in the stands would be an understatement. By my guess, there were probably about 10,000 fans who showed up that night. Those that did, however, were treated to an incredible game. The Yanks came back to win it thanks to a HUGE error by O's center-fielder Adam Jones. He was not too happy with himself (and probably not too happy with some of the things he was being serenaded with from the bleachers). To top it off, the Yanks turned an incredible triple play in the top half of the following inning, making the game one for the history books.

On a side note, it's nights like these that first attracted me to sitting in the bleachers for so many games a year. You never know when something historical will happen, and when you go to many games, missing one of those games is like a dagger (shout out to my buddy Anthony who sits in front of me all summer and missed Jeter's 3,000th!).

Saturday's game was a 4pm start, but not a nationally televised game. We weren't quite sure why the timing was as such, but it didn't seem to affect attendance much (admittedly, a big high school game could have looked like a larger crowd compared to the night before). Yanks fell to the Orioles 5-3, and secretly, I was just happy that I didn't have to wear thermal underwear to the game.

Sunday's night game made absolutley no sense to anyone other than the fact that the two teams met in the playoffs last year. In my opinion, it was way too early in the year for an 8pm Sunday game. Kids are still in school, people aren't on vacation yet, and most other folks have to work on Monday mornings. To top it off, the Knicks were looking to clinch a playoff berth and it was the final day of The Masters. 

We (and when i say "we", I mean myself and George, my right hand man who runs the tshirt stand while i yell at baseball players) got to the stadium and set up to open around 4. Little did we know, we would be the only people on the block for a while. By 6pm, I was wondering if we would even have a crowd. But my brothers and sisters in the bleachers don't fail to show up (and make a lot of noise) and we were able to cheer the Yanks on (behind a STELLAR pitching performance by Hiroki Kuroda).

A side note to Sunday's game: We officially changed the Youkilis Roll Call from Kevin to You-Ki-Lis. The Kevin thing wasn't really working for anybody, and truth be told, i was getting a little tired of having to explain myself over and over. As pretty much anyone will tell you, Keep It Simple Stupid, so we went for the easiest option (he waved, btw, which means that it worked)

Arizona comes in this week for a three game set to kick of the inter-league match ups for the season. There are plenty of tickets floating around, so come check out the Bronx (and some of the lunacy we have in the bleachers!)

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