Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week in Review

This season I have partnered with TiqIQ to bring you '81 days in 203'. a series of articles breaking down the life of a super fan. '81 days in 203' articles will be featured on various Yankees blogs within the TiqIQ network of blogs and will be posted throughout the 2013 season. TiqIQ now offers tickets directly from the Yankees ticket exchange, the official resale marketplace of the New York Yankees.

I knew there would come a time in the life of this blog that I would really struggle with finding something to write about. I'm slightly discouraged that it's happened the first week in May. 

What can I really say about an otherwise lack-luster homestand? We hosted the Astros for a set early in the week, and I would be surprised if the combined attendance of all three games would be enough to sell out the stadium just once. Yeah, it was that bad. Here's a shot of Left Field on Wednesday night 

"If you're driving by the stadium folks, plenty of good seats still available"

I hate to get all "tow the company line" on you guys but seriously, what's keeping you from the ballpark? I keep hearing that it's too expensive, but if you look at the secondary market, tickets are often lower than face value (yes, even in the bleachers). The weather has been improving, and slowly the kids will be getting out of school and people will be going on vacation. People should really take advantage of the current deals now. 

The weekend got slightly better, if only for the appearance of our first celebrity guest of the year, Gabriel Macht from the hit show Suits (Thursdays at 10pm on the USA Network) and his Dad, fellow actor Stephen Macht (best known for his role on General Hospital).

Photo Credit: Mike Stewart

Gabriel was an AWESOME guest. He's a Bronx boy and a real deal Yankee fan. While we waited for the game to begin, we chatted about the old stadium, and how he used to come out to the Bleachers back in the days before he became famous. 

That conversation reminded me of a similar one I had with former Roll Call guest Justice Sonya Sotomayor. She told me of being able to come to the stadium in regular street clothes and a baseball cap, and blend in to the crowd to enjoy a game. For three hours, she could escape her hectic schedule and just be a normal person. 

And that's something we all share about our love for the Yankees. It's a way to escape life for a hours and just be a face in the crowd. I have extolled the virtues of getting on a bench and yelling your face off within these very pages before, and it's clear by the video below (and the joy in Gabriel and Stephen's faces) that you can never be too big of a star to cheer on the Yankees:

So really, what are you waiting for? I'm always posting great links to ticket deals on my Twitter feed and my FaceBook page, so be sure to follow along and come join us at the stadium for a little noise! '

You just never know who may show up.....

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